Four Common Reasons Your Emails Are Being Marked As Spam On #GivingTuesday

Nonprofits are rushed to create an email campaign which takes time and money that most of them don’t have. Once the email is created, a few test sends are fired off to a personal email and a few work email addresses and if all goes well, the email is then automated to send to donors. […]

What makes an effective nonprofit story?

A powerful story can help your donors cross from casual reader to impassioned donor. An effective nonprofit story pulls on the emotions of the viewer. It cuts to the heart of the viewer, engages their emotions and demands they take action. It’s one thing to tell your story in a way that inspires. It’s another […]

Vertical Video can work for marketing

Smartphones never leave the hands of their consumers and rarely do you see people scrolling through their social media horizontally. When video ads first appeared on apps like SnapChat, viewers could only watch them if they flipped their phone. When Snapchat tested out vertical video, advertisers saw “up to nine times more engagement!” Take Advantage […]

Answer questions using google maps

Google Maps is now allowing you to interact with your consumers when they search for your address. Their new program allows you to answer questions using google maps from mobile users who are using the app. Outdoor marketers can respond to questions about their business location or other FAQ’s before customers even walk through the door. […]

Facebook Helps Marketers Amplify Influencers Posts

Facebook is making things easier for marketers by adding the ability to amplify their influencer’s post. Now when influencers promote your brand on their page, marketers are able to boost that exact post instead of sharing it on their page. Marketers can then customize their audience with Facebook’s precise targeting so you can reach your […]

The Marketing Undercurrent- Relevant digital news for Outdoor Marketers

We’re super excited to launch the Marketing Undercurrent here on the blog. The Marketing Undercurrent is the latest medium at Sage Lion Media to inform you, the Outdoor Marketer of the latest technology trends happening online. Our goal is to keep you quickly informed through short videos on new tools and techniques to boost your […]

Googles New Feature Will Jumpstart Your Journey of Visual Discovery

Google image search is a bit of a mess. You’re not really sure where an image will take you when browsing on your phone. Google recently updated their search algorithm to address this problem. Google is now adding badges to some images in their mobile app to help users find exactly what they want. “These […]

Share Your Next Outdoor Video in One Dedicated Space: YouTube

YouTube has added an in-app messaging feature for sharing and chatting about videos that allow you to share videos and chat about them in a private thread within the YouTube app. This mobile-only feature works like a text message thread or email. The plus side, once the video is shared with a contact, you can […]

Start talking to customers with Facebook Messenger

With more than 1.2 billion people using Messanger every day, the social media powerhouse has decided to take their messenger ads out of beta and launch to the mainstream. According to Facebook:  “People will see Messenger ads in the home tab of their Messenger mobile app. When they tap on an ad, they will be sent to […]

How to identify and organize your IFTD trade show attendees before the show starts

It doesn’t matter how good your product is if no one knows it exists. IFTD/ICAST are massive trade shows with lots of shiny doodads begging for attention and lots of qualified trade show attendees. Your success is heavily dependent on pre-event marketing. The more planning and work you do ahead of the show the more […]