The Trailhead

Sage Lion Media is dedicated to providing outdoor businesses with fast, data-driven results to maximize their ROI on a digital marketing strategy. In six weeks, we take our clients on a moderate hike starting with a business snapshot and ending with a campaign.

Week 1: Business Snapshot preparing for your hike

Sage Lion Media wants to understand you and your business so we can get firm grasp of who you are and what you do. We’ll start loading our pack with your outdoor business’s mission, goals, target market, competitive advantage, and more. We want to understand what has and hasn’t worked for your business so we can create a personalized campaign that effectively achieves your company’s goals.

Week 2: Data Analysis Fuel for your hike

Like any good hiker we won’t hit the trail without the proper fuel. Data is the fuel that drives our strategy for messaging and give us a better understanding of your current and potential customers behaviors. With in-house software and other tools such as Google Analytics, Sage Lion Media will fill up on the current status of your company.

Week 3 Client Personas Hike with your buddies

Blazing a trail without the support of your friends makes your journey more difficult. You’ll never reach the summit without the support of your customers, but who are they? To get to the summit of your inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to craft messaging for each customer that joins you on this epic journey. Creating personas helps us target and curate a message that resonates with each type of buyer. This information will help with content creation and placement which in turn, will increase lead generation.

Week 4 & 5: Campaign Planning finding your route

You’ll never reach the summit without a map showing the ideal path for your unique customers. We take your personas and business goals and start charting an outline of your campaign. We want to give you a framework of what your message should be and how best to deliver it.

Week 6: Buyer’s Journey Hit The Trail

It’s time to hit the trail and create a complete inbound marketing campaign. It will include a plan for social media, landing pages, workflows SEO strategy, and more. We want to take your customer on a journey of your company’s unique products or services. This plan will be tailored to your company’s objective and customer base so we can reach the summit effectively.

Contact us today about creating a trail map for your outdoor business.