TEMPRESS is a leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality marine, after-market, and OEM products. Built for fishermen by fishermen, TEMPRESS continues to produce innovative products to enhance their customer's outdoor experience.

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Boat Seat Manufacturer Increases E-commerce Sales By 140%

TEMPRESS came to Sage Lion Media with the goal of generating more online sales through their e-commerce platform. They were seeking an inbound marketing initiative that would increase their sales pipeline by 140% from 2016. In order to hit their goals, TEMPRESS needed to expand their marketing outreach beyond paid advertising.

The Way it Was

When TEMPRESS first came to us they realized they needed to do more to increase their online sales. The website was driving traffic but they were not getting needed e-commerce sales. The old website had no way to educate customers on the benefits of their seats. The brand also needed to tell a story of who TEMPRESS was and what they believed in.

TEMPRESS had no active email campaigns and very little in the way of lead generation or social media engagement.

The Pain Points

As the leader in their space, TEMPRESS needed to ramp up their outreach to stay competitive within their space. There was very little in terms of organic traffic coming to the existing site. The site lacked a cohesive SEO strategy for attracting new visitors.

They needed to implement an effective and results-focused method of promoting their new high-end seat to their customers. This product requires a heavy education component to explain the benefits of the seat.

What They Decided to Do

TEMPRESS understood that an effective inbound marketing plan would drive traffic to the website, which would improve the conversions and product awareness.

  1. Create content including education pieces on the importance of posture while sitting on a boat, blogs to entertain and educate consumers, drive new leads and increase brand awareness.
  2. Create engagement opportunities for the company and consumers with email marketing to drive brand advocacy.
  3. Grow social media channels for further engagement and brand advocacy and increase the opportunity to capture leads on the company website.
  4. Improve organic search rankings by performing an SEO audit of the website.
  5. Convert existing traffic more efficiently.

How We Helped

During the first 5 months of our relationship with TEMPRESS, we completed the following activities to generate the qualified leads needed for sales.

  • Goal Setting and Strategy: After completing a series of kick-off strategy sessions, we created a full 12-month marketing plan built around aggressive data points. We review these numbers with the client on a weekly basis to ensure we are achieving the ROI TEMPRESS is looking for.
  • Drip Campaigns: We focused our strategy on low hanging fruit for TEMPRESS existing audience. Through the use of modals and automated marketing email campaigns, we have increased the number of sales from returning visitors.
  • New Blog & Consistent Content Creation: Sage Lion Media designed and built a brand new blog that is fully-optimized for search and user experience (both on desktop and mobile). We created a content plan that started with the identification of keywords and began writing and publishing search engine optimized blog articles. By shifting the topics of the articles to focus on their persona’s pain points and challenges, we were able to see growth in blog views and subscribers within the first month of publishing.
  • Email Marketing: In order to maximize their audience and build traffic to the website, we began growing the TEMPRESS email database.  We created monthly emails that promoted products and upcoming persona deadlines to maximize reach and growth.

The Way it is Now

  • We saw a steady surge in website traffic quarter to quarter. 70% increase in web visits in just 6 months.
  • TEMPRESS reports a 155% increase in sales year-over-year. 15% better than our aggressive goal.
  • Our typical email campaigns see an open rate around 25 percent with a 20% click-through rate.
  • Our organic clicks from Google Search has surged over 35%.
  • Our Facebook Social Engagement has improved over 200%

The Results

A trusting, collaborative relationship between Sage Lion Media and TEMPRESS produced a comprehensive strategy of inbound marketing and digital engagement to effectively drive sales and traffic.