Niece Equipment has manufactured quality and durable heavy equipment for over 30 years. With a reputation built on service, integrity, and dependability, Niece Equipment has been a leader in the manufacturing of water trucks, water towers, fuel trucks, and fuel & lube trucks.

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Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Increases Traffic By 162%

Niece Equipment came to Sage Lion Media with the goal of generating more sales qualified leads through online efforts. They were seeking out an inbound marketing initiative that would increase their sales pipeline by 50% from 2015.

In order to hit their sales pipeline business goals, within the first 6 months of the program, Niece Equipment needed to generate 25 sales qualified leads to send to their sales team.

The Way it Was

When Niece first came to us they realized there was a shift in the marketplace. More research was being done online and their current site was not created to capture the leads they needed. The old website had no lead capture other than a contact form that did not forward emails to sales.

Furthermore, Niece Equipment had no active email marketing campaigns and did little to no outreach to existing and former customers.

The Pain Points

As a leader in their space, Niece needed to gain and maintain a competitive advantage by staying on top of trends in the heavy equipment construction industry. There was very little traffic coming to the existing site. The site lacked a cohesive SEO strategy for attracting new visitors.

They needed to implement an effective and results-focused method of driving leads as soon as possible in order to continue growth.

What They Decided to Do

The inbound marketing program was an important shift for the company in order to increase their brand awareness and hit their sales pipeline goals for 2017.

After identifying the potential of it to impact their business initiatives, a full 12-month strategy was put in place which included routine inbound efforts, as well as strategic campaigns designed to generate “quick wins” for the company. Niece Equipment understood the importance of online marketing in increasing brand awareness and were optimistic that the strategy would help grow their business.

Using Hubspot has helped us understand where our leads are coming from and identify which marketing efforts have been the most successful.

Dale Layne, Director of Sales at Niece Equipment

How We Helped

During the first 5 months of our relationship with Niece, we completed the following activities to generate the qualified leads needed for sales.

  • Buyer Persona Interviews & Profiles: After completing buyer persona interviews, we created full profiles describing our target audience. These profiles identified a clear buyer’s journey, in turn helping Niece as well as our team in our content creation and SEO efforts.
  • Conversion Points: We focused our strategy on low hanging fruit for Niece’s target audience. We created new conversion points throughout the website to start generating leads quickly, pages for specific personas, and landing pages for each product. We ensured the forms on each page would allow us to distinctly qualify a lead so that automated workflows could be put in place to send good leads straight to sales.
  • New Blog & Consistent Content Creation: Sage Lion Media designed and built a brand new blog that is fully-optimized for search and user experience (both on desktop and mobile). We created a content creation plan that started with the identification of keywords and began writing and publishing search engine optimized blog articles. By shifting the topics of the articles to focus on their persona’s pain points and challenges. we were able to see growth in blog views and subscribers within the first month of publishing.
  • Email Marketing: In order to maximize their audience and build traffic to the website, we began growing Niece’s email database.  We created monthly emails that promoted products and upcoming persona deadlines to maximize reach and growth.

The Way it is Now

We saw a steady surge in website traffic month over month.

year-over-year website analytics

Our Organic search traffic exploded because we were crafting blog content based on keywords. We also fixed the broken, mismanaged SEO efforts done by the former marketing company.

More website analytics

As landing pages, offers, and blog articles with calls-to-action were published and promoted, contact generation increased month over month. We continue to see accelerated growth in both visits and conversions to sales leads.

The Results

Along with an increase in sales qualified leads, Niece Equipment has benefited from the inbound program in their sales department. Working with Sage Lion Media, Niece was able to identify business and sales goals for the year and quarter along with important objectives to reach these goals.

With weekly and monthly updates from Sage Lion Media, Niece stayed focused on sales, was able to be more consistent with CRM updates, and was quicker to follow-up with leadsThe inbound program has already exceeded expected lead generation and traffic growth.