TRCP helps to create federal policy and funding solutions by uniting their partners and amplifying the voices of American sportsmen and women in service of Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy.

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Hunting and Angling Non-Profit Increase Leads by 48%

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership came to Sage Lion Media with the goal of generating more email signups. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to grow core constituents month over month.

We needed to find a way to convert users from social media articles and search results into monthly subscribers.

The Way it Was

When TRCP first came to us they had a strong online content machine that was creating consistent, powerful content. But they lacked the ability to easily capture leads on the website.

Calls to action were usually embedded in the form of text links and were not overly eye-catching.

Finally, there was very little done to monitor the effectiveness of their efforts. There was little Analytics goal tracking, almost no tracking of button clicks, and little attention was being paid to the number of views perform. All in all, the page was functioning similarly to many non-profits we work with. Content creators were too busy creating content to pay much attention to converting.

The Pain Points

As a leader in the outdoor conservation space TRCP needed to make it easier to collect email addresses for future outreach. They needed to implement an effective Growth Driven Design plan that would rely on data to measure results and influence future design decisions.

What They Decided To Do

TRCP understood that by building out a Growth Driven Design plan they could mold the site around their users. This allows the user’s interactions with content determine the design direction of the site.

How We Helped

During our year-long Growth Driven Design campaign, we completed the following activities to generate more qualified leads:

  • Goal Setting and Strategy: After completing a series of kick-off strategy sessions, we created a full 12-month marketing plan built around aggressive data points. We review these numbers with the client on a monthly basis to ensure we are achieving our goals.
  • Conversion Points: We focused our strategy on low hanging fruit for TRCP’s target audience. We created new conversion points throughout the website to start generating leads quickly which included optimized pages for top territories, pages for specific personas, and landing pages for each target market. We ensured that the forms on each page would allow us to distinctly qualify a lead so that automated workflows could be put in place.
  • Persona Focused Content Offers: New focused resources and gated offers for each persona were created and published behind landing pages. These offers had content that spoke directly to the hunter, angler etc. to show them the reasons for continued support of the organization.
  • Created a Free Membership Offer: We created the functionality for becoming a member of the TRCP for free. This essentially created a new subscriber to the list, but visitors feel like they are becoming a part of something greater.

The Way it is Now

At the end of 2017, our goal was to have 65,000 active records in the database. As of February, there were 80,000+ records. Nearly a 48% increase for the year.
We typically average around 400 signups for the newsletter per month.

Join the TRCP has resulted in over 1,300 new members alone.