LaidBack Pads

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LaidBack Pads is an emerging brand of memory foam camping pads meant to ensure a comfortable night’s rest on even the harshest terrain. They needed help creating brand awareness and separating themselves from lesser products on the market. By creating targeted ads, enticing sweepstakes, and a whole new website, we’ve helped them not only gain attention, but significantly more sales as well.

See for Yourself
We sourced new high-performing keywords to drive users directly to Laidback Pad’s homepage. 1. Social Media Following Increased 2. Monthly Traffic Visitors Increased 3. Doubled Qualified Leads.
$5,000 to $30,000 Sales in a Year

Curated Campaigns
After in-depth research, we found their customer’s platform of choice and strategized digital marketing campaigns with the goal to promote Laidback pads by increasing engagement, traffic, and conversions.