5 Top Video Marketing Recording Devices for 2020

As we approach 2020, it is important to stay on top of changing industry trends to ensure you are staying at the forefront of video marketing content. Users love being fed fresh, high-quality content and we have put together our top 5 video recording devices coming in 2020.

Portal+ from Facebook

With innovative and fresh ideas constantly coming out from the Facebook team, it is hard to discount the power this social media behemoth has. Facebook portal is primarily used for parents and other family members who are far away, but there are many more uses for this tool than chatting with family. With AI technology in their camera, it tracks you as you move around the room. This could be an excellent tool for someone looking to present via facebook live. Product demonstrations and tutorials could move out to your user base with buttery ease and you’ll look great doing it because the quality is HD, depending on connection.


Mirrorless cameras continue to shine in the space and only continue to improve in quality and processing power. The Sony Alpha line dominates the space. And further adjustments to the device have only made it better. Having the ability to interchange your lens for different types of shots sets this camera (and the DSLR) apart from other options. Mirrorless cameras are light and easy to manage. You may run into trouble with previewing low light shots since the mirrorless camera cannot receive as much light as a DSLR or regular 35mm camera.


The acronym DSLR has stuck with the video marketing community for years. This once innovative technology continues to improve in processing power and speed. Unlike its mirrorless counterpart, DSLR cameras work in very much the same way as 35mm cameras. With mirrors being used to reflect the light. This helps your efforts considerably in low light situations. DSLRs are also able to preview images in much better quality because of the advanced mirror system found within the body of the camera. Both mirrorless and DSLR options have the ability to interchange lenses on the fly. Envision yourself capturing a wide angle shot for creative effect, and then utilizing a superzoom lens for more detailed, close up shots of your product or service.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

GoPros have been part of industry standard since 2004 since the product’s launch. Constant improvements have continued to section this device off as a powerhouse for action video recording. With features like automatic image stabilization and 360 degree video recording, the GoPro Hero 8 is sure to have something that will please you and your consumers. The camera continues to add features and functionality to improve you video recording experience and quality overall. Addons like microphones, lights, and preview screens improve upon this experience. We are always excited to see what the GoPro team comes out with next.


Our handheld devices are powerhouses of technology so it makes sense to utilize these tools as well. Your phone is typically always on your person, so a quick video, live recording, or picture can happen at a moment’s notice. As the hardware and quality improves in our devices, so does the potential for video marketing. If you add on features and tools like image/video production applications, external tools like image stabilization and clip on lenses, you are sure to have a polished product come out on the other end.

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