We have the outdoor video marketing knowledge and experience to make your product or service stand out from the crowd with collaboration and innovation. With more than 20 years of industry knowledge, we know what works and what doesn’t from the start.

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Every Outdoor Video Marketing Campaign we Launch:

Focuses on Engagment

You’ve done some marketing in the past, and even grown the volume of visitors to your website, but you struggled to capture any kind of value for those visits. Customizing your website to capture those who are looking to buy is vital to solving this issue we see quite often.

Find Your North Star

Understanding the direction of your marketing efforts is an important part for a successful campaign. We work closely with your sales & marketing team to develop a north star. We track our marketing efforts towards those north stars and report back to you on the successes and what we learned about your customer base every quarter.

Designed to be Repurposed

Many outdoor content marketing companies create content for the sake of creating content. Content without a strategy has no place in your user’s hands. Creating content designed to be used in many avenues allows you to have more creativity with the way you define and promote your outdoor product or service through media.

Tells a Human Story

Creating an experience your user can engage with is what we build our video marketing strategies around. Having a relatable story captures and engages your users. We then take that engagement and lead the user through the sales process with education and comprehensive understanding along the way.


Over time your digital marketing efforts can stall which results in missing growth numbers, loss of subscribers and more. We analyze the data on your website to find hidden opportunities and then act on that insight. Using your north star we regularly check in on your goals to ensure you’re achieving your goals.

Moves The Buyer Along Their Journey

Video marketing is one stop on the trail of inbound marketing for the outdoor industry as a whole. Utilizing video can greatly add to your user experience if built and implemented properly. Our video marketing strategies are created to seamlessly integrate with your sales process and goals alike.


You get hounded with offers for new software and technology that is supposed to "revolutionize" your business in some form or another. We have built our services around the software we use because we believe it is the best on the market. We build our campaigns around the following service tactics and stay on top of changing trends and developments to ensure we are giving you the best product available.

  • Storyboarding
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Lifestyle Video
  • Documentaries
  • Social Media Videos and Placement
  • In-house Video Editing and Color Correction
  • Studio Production


You can't climb a mountain without a plan and you can't start out on that climb without first hitting the trail. That same is true for us, we need a plan before we help you reach the summit.

1. Learn Your Business

The First step on the trailhead is understanding who you are and what makes you different. We spend time learning where you are crushing it and where you are struggeling. We dig deep into your data to find opportunites you may be missing and learn where we should double down.

2. Know Your Customer

Once we know who YOU are we need to learn who your ideal customer is. What kind of message do they respond to? what do they care about? Where do they like to hang out online. Once we know your customer we can build content that connects with them.

3. Picking the Best Path

We'll never reach the top without a good plan. Our Buyer Trail Map looks at all the possible ways a user can engage with your brand so that you can deliver that perfect piece of content or offer at just the right time.

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Cheeky Fishing needed a product video that highlighted the evolution of a new reel. The video we came up with was unique, cutting edge and totally on-brand for Cheeky. It captured their largest audience ever.

114,000 video views


You've got big goals we want to help you hit those numbers month after month. Let's find a way together to get more people outside.

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