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Without the right team or toolset, goals can often feel unattainable and you feel like

Sage Lion Media will transform the way people experience your business.

  • Your audience will engage with authentic content that focuses more on experience and less on the product.

  • Your customers (leads) will become the center of your digital marketing efforts.

  • Your marketing plans will be backed by data and reported on monthly.

  • You will get a passionate outdoor marketing team with an agile process that gets things done on a weekly basis.


I need to optimize my digital marketing efforts.

If you’ve been executing the same marketing tactics for your outdoor brand year after year there’s a good chance what was working then is not working now. We know it can be hard to keep up with current marketing trends. By the time you’ve mastered one tactic, your marketing strategy has evolved and a new tactic is being introduced. As an outdoor marketing agency, our most successful partners come to the table with their ideas and utilize our expertise to optimize their marketing efforts in the most effective channels.

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How do I maximize my outdoor paid media budget?

Like most outdoor brands, you have a limited paid media budget that needs to generate results fast. But understanding where the best place to spend the budget is a lot harder than it sounds. What you really need is a strong paid media strategy tied to specific goals that you can track. If you DON’T track your paid media efforts, you will have a tough time justifying your ad spends. This always leads to unexpected costs and an unhappy team.

How We Can Help

How do I track my digital marketing efforts?

Although not as exciting as the creative brainstorming or execution phases of your strategy, campaign tracking and reporting is just as important. It’s where you see what works and what doesn’t. And what to focus on to increase campaign effectiveness for your outdoor brand. If you’re not measuring your efforts then you’re likely wasting your company’s marketing dollars. Whether you’re a small business owner, a seasoned marketer, or brand new to the outdoor marketing world, tracking your digital marketing campaigns is an essential step to growing your outdoor brand.

How We Can Help

I need more people watching my outdoor marketing videos.

What most people do is shoot a video because they “need video”. This almost always leads to videos sitting on a landing page with little audience engagement. Using creative outdoor video marketing strategies, we work with you to get the most out of your budget and ensure it’s an integral part of your omni-channel marketing plan.

How We Can Help

We need an outdoor marketing agency that can speak to our audience.

We build digital experiences for outdoor brands because it’s what we love to do. We take you through our trailhead and highlight your current customer journey to identify areas that can be improved. This process enables you to reach the right people, make great first impressions, and nurture relationships throughout the buyer’s journey with great outdoor content.

How We Can Help

I need someone who can get sh*t done.

We’re not your average outdoor marketing agency. We take a different approach to getting our work done for you. Our agile marketing process is very transparent. You’ll always know what we’re working on and how it ties back to your North Stars and goals. We love getting our to-do’s done while moving your outdoor brand forward.