Basting Your Content

We have discussed content strategies and the need for regular optimized content quite a bit lately. So what better time to include some festive comparisons as we approach the holiday season. For the purposes of this blog, let’s consider your content as a turkey. 

When you are cooking a turkey, you can set it in the oven at 375 for a few hours. You’ll get something out the other end that is edible, but certainly not as good as it can be. This is where the time and attention come into play if you’d like to produce something truly incredible on turkey day.

Sure you can form fit a package of 10 blogs posted about monthly for the foreseeable future, but is the product on the other end as good as it can be? In most cases, the answer is no.

Give attention to building out a content strategy. Over time you’ll begin to attract regular and new readers because you took the time to research what they want.

We often encounter businesses that have produced a wealth of content, but things have dropped off in recent years. Rather than coming up with completely new ideas for blog production, why not take a few of these previous blogs and update them to include new information. Maybe you did an outdoor product market analysis piece in 2016. Something like this would be perfect to repurpose into new information.

This is much of what we are referring to when we say to “baste” your content. Taking the previous fat and seasonings from the bottom of the pan and bringing it back up to coat the top can leave you with a succulent and delicious piece of meat. In the same regard, rebuilding old blogs to include new information can contain a wealth of potential content for you to repurpose into something updated.

One of the main areas this strategy can help you is time-consumption. Each article you write or publish has taken a measurable amount of time to produce.

If you are able to turn old blogs into guides, white papers, and other forms of digital assets, you establish yourself as an open resource and start to gain that trust with your client or customer quickly. This is especially important for content strategies in the outdoor industry as trust is a major determining factor.

Imagine yourself with a checklist of 13 different avenues to post your new piece of content. If you are posting 2-3 blogs per month, this can be 26-39 instances of basting your content, a pretty good grab overall if you ask us. While there are many sources to publish and republish content on the web, here are a few of our favorites:

Using these tools, you are sure to save some time and resources. Maybe this time when you’re finishing off the turkey, you’ll think of your content strategy and a few items you may be able to “baste”. Have a wonderful holiday season!