Creating a Micro Brand (or Site) Around Your Holiday Campaign

With all things in life, do things deliberately and with a purpose. This includes your Black Friday campaign. Creating a Micro Brand around your holiday specials could be your ticket to standing out from your competition.

Develop a Micro Brand Around Your Specials

Brand awareness is very important to creating a solid marketing strategy for your business, so why not create a micro brand for your holiday specials? 80% of consumers will evaluate a product or service based on social media accounts they follow. Your social media account is a great place to start to evaluate what you want your holiday message to be. REI Created a campaign last year that caught like wildfire. The #optoutside campaign encouraged people to forego the hustle and bustle of shopping on Black Friday and spend it with loved ones outside doing the things you love together. Sure, it didn’t exactly inspire people to save big by purchasing today, but what it did instead was much more valuable. It built a level of Brand Awareness that resonates through its audiences today by reinforcing the trust that the company has worked so hard to establish. A people-first, shopping-second approach.

By selling to people’s emotions rather than their wallet, your marketing will be far more effective than other buzz words like, Sale, Free, Bonus.

Create Your Story With Emotion

While its true that people like being sold to, in some aspects, I’m not saying take the approach of a used car salesman. If a customer is in a fly shop, then the chances are they know exactly why they are there and what products they, in fact, do need. With this in mind, the buying process is an emotional one and it’s your job to speak to that emotion. Ever wonder why most ad campaigns use words like: consequence, lose, reward, valuable, competition, best in class, image, respect, mistake or avoid? Depending on the tone of the ad campaign, these keywords appeal to our emotions. By selling to people’s emotions rather than their wallet, your marketing will be far more effective than other buzzwords like Sale, Free, Bonus.

Costa Micro BrandDevelop a Color Scheme For Your Holiday Story.

Yes, this one might sound like a such a simple concept but it is an opportunity that is often overlooked. Nearly 80% of your brand recognition comes from a consistent color palette. This is important for two different reasons. Black Friday in itself is often branded black by other companies and has become the status quo for the gift buying season. While this in itself is beneficial because it creates a unanimous brand that everyone readily recognizes. Even with this benefit, do you really want to follow what others are doing? Creating a campaign that is different from the herd might just be the key to separating you from your competition. Costa does a great job of resounding their story through the use of blues and greens in their Instagram palette that is identifiable with their target audience