Start Talking To Customers With Facebook Messenger

With more than 1.2 billion people using Messenger every day, the social media powerhouse has decided to take their messenger ads out of beta and launch to the mainstream.

According to Facebook:  “People will see Messenger ads in the home tab of their Messenger mobile app. When they tap on an ad, they will be sent to the destination chosen during ads creation. This can be your website or a Messenger conversation.”

So why is this ad placement useful to outdoor marketers?

Facebook sees this as a way for users to find relevant businesses that are active in the app. At this time, businesses can not directly message users but they can continue a conversation if the user clicks on the ad.

Start a conversation, don’t serve an ad.

To really see the benefits of this new service think about creative ways to start conversations not serve ads. For example, engage your target audience by understanding what they would be curious enough to start a discussion. Draw your audience in by showing a photo of the fish you caught on a trip and ask your audience. Want to know how we caught this fish, shoot us a message.
facebook messenger ad example

Getting started with Messenger Ads:

For more details about creative options and availability, visit the Advertiser Help Center.