Upcoming Video Trends

How are you utilizing 2016’s upcoming video trends for your business?

Trends for online video have changed drastically in 2016. Facebook now has Live video streams, Wistia now offers in video calls to action, and Instagram has incorporated Stories. Here we will take a look at all of the upcoming video trends and how they will affect your marketing strategy for 2017.

Facebook Live Video is here and it’s not going away anytime soon

Earlier this year, Facebook launched its Live Video feature. After endorsing celebrity ambassadors with a bankroll of $50 million, the new feature has caught like wild fire. Facebook Live is a great way for users to interact with their audience by inviting them real-time into the activities of their daily lives. In our recent post about Facebook Live, we give you insight on how to leverage this powerful tool for your business but creating personalized video campaigns for your audience.

Wistia embeds calls to action inside videos

While most video players give you specific stats on user engagement, search queries, play counts and visits, Wistia is one of the only services that allows for your video to ask for conversions directly in the video. Have you ever wanted to ask your user to do something before or after a video? Well, now you can. With Wistia you can build your email list by collecting a user’s email before they start the video. If your nonprofit organization survives on donations, be sure to incorporate a button for people to donate immediately to ensure you don’t lose them while they look for the proper avenue to donate through.  Wistia is a powerful tool to make your videos work for you. Check out this Video we produced for Niece equipment that uses Wistia to drive traffic to their ecommerce store.

Instagram incorporates stories

Let’s start by heading off the question as to what a “story” is. Stories are a way for users to share highlights of their day in chronological order. Since a Story only lasts for 24 hours, you don’t have the same algorithm penalties when you over post. With normal posts, you can be penalized for over sharing by posting too much throughout a day. If you have the urge to share your day to day business operations with your audience, Stories is a great way to engage with your audience and let them follow your story on their own accord. Instagram stories can be a great way of offering flash sales to your Instagram audience by introducing specials through your short videos. After the 24 hours passes thats it, sales over.

Facebook now has over 8 billion video views per day.

With a lot of these video features just coming out in the last half of 2016, next year’s upcoming video trends will be heavily influenced by how well these features are perceived by end users. Adding these new video features will only prove to help your business’s online marketing strategy and prepare you for any future technologies that will come out. Ultimately, video plays an important role in media consumption in today’s social media presence. Are you doing everything you could be to make sure you stay on top of these upcoming video trends?