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Before Sage Lion Media

Pond King was looking for ways to better understand their robust contact list while also rewarding their customers for their time and purchases. Turning on an evergreen sweepstakes was our way to grow their contact list and help them find answers to questions they had about their contacts.

What We Did

We developed a landing page, rules, and entry form for a monthly Pond King sweepstakes to capture entries and learn more about our audience in the process while giving away one free product each month. This has helped Pond King further understand pyschographic data, customer goals, and demographics that has helped them develop stronger marketing efforts across their platforms.

After Sage Lion Media

By creating personalized content through emails and blogs we have seen a large growth in entries, database users, and customers. We were able to connect our product with their pain points and demonstrate we have a superior offering.

Sage Lion Media brings creative ideas to challenging issues and perfectly marries value with effectiveness

Veronica Williams | Pond King | Marketing Director


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