Running effective outdoor sweepstakes allows you to grow your contact list, learn more about your customers, and speak to them directly.


  • Just collecting emails on your entry forms will quickly fill up your database with users who are just looking for free stuff. They will most likely never open your emails or convert into customer.

  • Learning more about your audience as you enter them into your sweeps will give you valuable information about their pain points and purchase intent.

  • Sending a simple thank you for entering email is the biggest mistake in marketing. Your average open will hover in the 50% and click in the teens.

  • Sending a personalized dynamic email with valuable information we just learned about that user can lead to 70-85% opens with 40-50% clicks.

  • Assuming people won’t give up their information

  • Understanding your product has value and creating an exchange of information for entry is one your user is willing to make.

Accelerate brand growth

Growing your audience takes time and running a sweepstakes is a surefire way to keep building it. This mutually beneficial tactic will keep your audience engaged while growing your business.

Learn what your customers care about

One of the most overlooked tactics for researching your customers is a survey. Designing a sweepstakes, with this goal in mind, will allow you to collect valuable psychographic data that will make your content production easier, your audience feel heard, and engagement go through the roof.

Personalize your messaging

Segmenting your list and personalizing your content will help you stand out and improve your marketing performance. Use the psychographic data you collected to connect with your customers and speak to their pain points directly in the follow-up emails. It’s a unique opportunity to capture their interest AND show how you solve their problems.

Improve your KPI’s

Sweepstakes are a great way to instantly improve engagement metrics like email opens and clicks. On average we see an open rate for our sweepstakes emails hover around 70% with a click through rate of close to 50%. What would those types of numbers do for your database?

Customer Success Stories


Leupold is a leading manufacturer of hunting scopes and tactical shooting gear.

“Sage Lion helped us understand who our core customer is.”

Open Rate
Click Through
Before Sage Lion Media

Like a lot of large-sized legacy hunting brands, Leupold was slow to realize the effectiveness of collecting Customer Intelligence through email. They were sending a default “Thanks for signing up” email and missing a huge opportunity to collect data on their customers.

What We Did

We worked with the marketing team to identify and build a buyer journey that begins to collect Customer Intelligence and then delivers a series of dynamic emails that aim to address customer frustration points and challenges.

After Sage Lion Media

By building a customized buyer journey we were able to deliver important Customer Intelligence to Leupold and have a better understanding of the customer. We use Active Campaign to deliver dynamic tracked emails to their customers that resulted in massive gains in Opens and Clicks and progress through their customer journey.

Pond King Patriot 4 Patriots

Our Patriot 4 Patriots campaign is a sweepstake to honor men and women who have served in the armed forces by awarding one lucky winner a new mini pontoon boat and a prize pack of various fishing supplies.

“Sage Lion Media brings creative ideas to challenging issues and perfectly marries value with effectiveness”

Email Open Rate
Entry growth year over year
Before Sage Lion Media

PondKing was looking for a way to build community in Texas and was approached by a vet’s son who loved to fish. PondKing wanted to honor his service and decided to give him a boat. It became an annual sweepstake that has seen steady growth in entrants year over year.

What We Did

We developed the landing page, sweepstakes, rules and entry form to allow PondKing to capture entries into the sweepstakes and learn a little more about our audience during the process. This has helped PondKing to understand what features this audience is looking for in a boat and helped them develop new service offerings and content.

After Sage Lion Media

By creating personalized content through emails and blogs we have seen a large growth in entries, database users, and customers. We were able to connect our product with their pain points and demonstrate we have a superior offering.

Running evergreen sweepstakes has allowed us to capture multiple data points on our customers that we use to help them choose the best bow for their situation.

Skyler Pace – Digital Marketing Manager, Pure Archery Group

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