Lake Pro Tackle

web design

Lake Pro Tackle is a retail store of our client Pond King. Lake Pro Tackle came to us for help with a redesign ‘specifically to think outside of the box’ for their Shopify site. Their goal for the redesign was to increase sales with unique customized website features to showcase their wide range of fishing products, fishing guides, and expert gear advice. In this redesign, we focused on a better user experience to generate more quality sales. We are most proud of the categorized filters because of their ability to highlight deals, describe products and align with users’ expectations.

A Whole New Look
Our creative process started with an in-depth analysis of Lake Pro Takle’s old site. After identifying ‘best practices,’ we started making key changes. From then, we build a new customizable website theme, established brand fonts and colors, conducted A/B testing, and optimized the overall design for mobile and desktop to engage end-users.
Expert Advice from Fishing Guides
In order to establish more credibility with Lake Pro Tackle’s customers, we added quality imagery, lake recommendations, and fishing product advice from expert guides to their homepage.